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Other Uses for the Water-Mark Portable Boat and RV Water Softener

Portable window washing, Portable pressure washing, Mobile carpet cleaning, RV water softener. Use at the cabin or lake home, camper and RV, boat, even use at home for washing the car or motor cycle.
Softened water leaves virtually no mineral residue. The Water-Mark softener / filter works the same as a conventional water softener.

There are no moving parts to the Water-Mark softener/ filter. No power is needed for its operation. Just hook it up between the water source and your boat or RV.

When using the Water-Mark portable boat and RV water softener / filter, it will:

1 - Remove harmful minerals such as calcium, lime, and magnesium. RV parks and marinas water supplies are mineral rich from wells.

2 - Better tasting water, reduced soap scum, fewer water spots. Also reduces hard water build up and prevents rusting and scaling to extend the life of your faucets, ice maker, sinks, water heater, shower heads and wash down systems.

Soft water will also make food, coffee taste better because there are no minerals that can add unwanted flavor.