Spare Parts

Purchase spare parts for the Water-Mark portable boat and RV water softener.
Softener Resin Refill
Softener Resin Refill for portable water softener. Softener Resin, Cation,...
Distributor for portable water softener
Distributor for portable water softener. Top threaded distributor. 3/4" NPT...
Pre-Filter for portable water softener, 3/4" NPT
Replacement Cover
Replacement cover. Smooth White .060 ABS plastic with connector.
48 inch Connector Hose
48” connector hose with female ends. “Water potable” water hose with...
Water softener Cap
Cap for portable water softener. 8" IM Cap
Water softener handle
Handle for portable water softener. 304 stainless steel
Drop Tube
Drop Tube w/ lower basket attached.
Top Basket
Top Basket for portable water softener. Top Basked (890S) w/threaded adaptor
Hose Adapter
Garden hose adapter 3/4HF x 3/4 NPT- solid brass
3/4 NPT-4" NIPPLE PVC for portable water softener